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>> reporter: we're live in marin county where the rain is
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falling steadily. we'll tell you how residents here have prepared for the storm and why some say they are not worried yet. >> reporter: i'm mark toe my, from light showers, already an increase in the winds. we'll have more on that coming up with our storm coverage. the first of three systems arriving right now. how much rain will we get, how strong is the wind and how long will this r: we're live in gilroy where police are investigating a drive-by shooting into a home where there was a baby. we'll tell you what police say was yelled right before the shots were fired. "mornings on 2" starts now. well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's wednesday, november 28th. we're on stormwatch. this is casing major travel delays at sfo. we have team coverage spanning
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across the area. mark tamayo is monitoring the potentially high winds on the richmond san rafael bridge as steve paulson tracks the storm. but claudine wong joins us now from marin county where flooding is expected. claudine? >> reporter: we're in san anselmo. they prepare for any kind of flooding here. let let's -- let's have a look at the conditions. no -- when you talk about preparations for a storm like this, you come here and they got it down. those people you talk to out here will tell you their businesses are flooded, so much in fact, that they have these flood gates in when the -- the potential time for flooding and that protects the store when you go in. they are not worried so much of
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nothinged drains. i am gonna walk you around. this is probably one of the big reasons why you don't see sandbags out here yet. there's a complex system. take a look right now. you can see it's very low right now. a little over 2 feet is what their gauges are saying right now. you can access that all of the time. residents can keep an eye on this real-time data. 13 feet is the lowest point in the downtown area. they have a lot of room before they have the potential for flooding. that gives them a way to be prepared to know when to sandbag, to know when to be on alert. they also have a flood horn, sirens, they have all systems. they got some sandbags and for around their businesses. right now they are not too concerned but you can bet they will be watching the storm.
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claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. and ktvu mark tamayo has noticed a change in the wind over the past few hours. mark is live at the richmond/san rafael toll plaza with what drivers can expect. >> reporter: hi, tori. the rainfall has picked you and the winds have, too. the winds are gonna add problems. you can see the wind is to the too strong, about 2 to 3 miles an hour. very light but about a minute ago, this gust was around 16, 17 miles an hour. the national weather service has issued the wind advisory that steve will be talking about. this is a recent development probably for the last five minutes. i've been tracking a few light showers. the weather pattern has been changing. with that the cybers, if the
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drivers -- drivers, if they do encounter the winds, you get the southerly winds hitting the side of your car. it's not too bad here but once you cross the span, it could notice your lane condition. so be careful of that and the skyline, a lot of storm clouds out there. within the last five minutes, those rain showers have been pushing back into the region -- steve, i can verify that, more wind and rain at the richmond san rafael toll plaza. >> i just saw 33 miles an hour where you are. does that sound about right. i would bet especially across the span of the bridge. right now it's been gusting around 15 to 20. it's actually calm right now within the next 10, 20 seconds we can get a gust of the approaching rains. >> all right of the
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meteorologist, mark tamayo. we have our system moving onshore. it's been heavy rain, absolutely pouring up there. look what's coming onshore by the san mateo coast of the that's the front coming onshore. we said around 7:00, boy, mother nature was right on time with this one here. you can see half moon bay, pacifica moving into san francisco, rain picking um there. also the wind gust as well. about 35, sfo, 44 crystal springs, reservoir. up towards lake county, it's coming down in buckets. santa rosa, only .10 the last time i checked in santa rosa. we're gonna keep an eye on things. kentfield has picked up .10 of an inch. they are usually the leader of the pack. sunset district starting to pick up. you can see the rain right off san francisco beginning to light up on. radar but that's really heavy rain starting to move in on the
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coastline. we're moner toking the -- we're monitoring the conditions. tori an dave? >> time now, 7:06. overnight in gilroy, shots were fired at a house with several people inside, including a baby. ktvu's janine de la vega is in gilroy now. what are police telling me? >> reporter: police say the family was very shaken up. the house where it happened is three houses down from where i'm standing. now, this happened at glenview and 10th street near gilroy high school. police say a car drove by the home and those inside the home fired a shot at a mit tu bushy ellipse -- mitsubishi eclipse outside of the nobody. they fired and nobody was hurt. witnesses say they heard gang-
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related slursed right before the gunfire. a 1990s honda hatchback was seen leaving the area. at this point, it's unclear whether this was a targeted shooting or if 2 ras -- or if it was random. police say this is the second gang-related shooting. the other one happened on the other side of town. reporting live from gilroy, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. now we want to check in with tara and let's find out how the high winds are impacting traffic. >> we've been talking about it all morning long. we're seeing high vend vigs in effect for the bay bridge as -- wind advisories in effect for the bay bridge and you can barely see the 101 through the lens. we have up to four-hour delays on the flights at sfo. you have the wind and traffic. >> metering lights have been on for an hour. you are looking at a 15-minute
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wait. southbound traffic on the right- hand side there has been kind of stop and go lately. definitely give yourself some extra time there. right now, it looks luke it's okay. 7:0. here's steve -- 7:08. here's steve. >> thank you tear ray. yesterday, the -- thank you, tara. yesterday, they said the system is gonna be here at 7:00. they are spot on. it's clear. heavier amounts will be along parts of the coast, coastal hills. but between now and sunday, there will be three. the one torm night i'm concerned about is the north bay and that could be -- i would say north of santa rosa. total rainfall between now and sunday, about 6 to 14 inches. i still think point arena, shelter cove, takes the brunt of this. there will be a lot of rain in
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the russian river and windy, that's arriving right now. about 35 to 44 i've seen so far and the turf. rain is picking up down to the south. pretty good rain up in the windsor. this will be the area we'll focus on here for tomorrow night. not only today but tomorrow night. things are rely lighting up. in san francisco, the rain is picking up. also along the san mateo/santa
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cruz coastline. although it looks like this band coming on right now is just clipping the northern part. we'll keep track of that. there is our system for that. it's moving below. it's ejecting north. but it looks like there is enhancement right there. that's what's gonna give us kind of like an intense blast i would say about 7:00 and 10:00. by noon, this should be through. morning rain and then afternoon, partly sunny, partly cloudy. the next system arrives in the north bay on thursday. take it into friday morning and it will sweep in the area. sunday things will wind up and we'll still have some rain. we will stay on stormwatch. moments ago, we just learned a meeting has been set up since
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the president -- between president obama and mitt romney. we'll tell you when and where. also, the one request san francisco is taking to the federal court ahead offry's big meeting that may decide the fate of gay mare ac-- gay marriage. and a generous move by the as, what they've decided to do with their playoff money.
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it is coming up on 7:14. the weather is causing major flight delays this morning at sfo. right now some flights are delayed by almost four hours because of the rain and high wind. united express, in fact, canceled 20 flights because of
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the weather. travelers are being asked to check their flights ahead of time. more problems are surfacing for san jose's church and school. the san jose mercury news says a new lawsuit has been filed against the parish adding a second alleged victim of a former priest. the former priest was already the target of another lawsuit filed last year accusing hill of abusing a former student. 7:14. we have breaking news to tell you about. we just got an e-mail from the white house announcing that tomorrow president obama will host a private lunch at the white house with mitt romney. there's no word yet on what the two formal rivals will be talking about. but the white house e-mail says it's the first chance they've had to meet since the election. the election may be over but president obama is campaigning again. as ktvu's alison burns reports,
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the president wants public support for his plan for the fiscal cliff crisis. >> reporter: dave, the president is meeting with ceos, including those who backed mitt romney and then he will meet with middle-class families. he's trying to sell the plans for the fiscal cliff, those that kick in at the end of the month. now, investors grow increasingly worried about whether congress should be able to avert the crisis. democrats and republics are deadlocked on a range of issue including the president's plan to raise taxes. republicans say the proud should quit campaigning. >> he's back on the campaign
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trail, presumably doing what we're all familiar with. >> so to suggestion that we should -- now that the election is over stop talking to them about these vital issues, i think is bad add -- bad advice. >> reporter: reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 400,000 unemployed californians are closely watching the fiscal cliff. that's because benefits are due to expire december 29th unless congress extends them. well, texas city leaders are asking for advanced warning in the event same-sex becomes formally legalized. this coming friday, the u.s. court will decide whether to review the challenge to prop 8.
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california's voter apressured ban on gay marriage. now, if the high court refusing to -- refuses to hear the case, the earlier ruling would make same-sex marriage legal in california. if that happens, they would need at least 24 hours to prepare for a flood of marriage license requests. andre ward will defend his titles in two months. the super middleweight champ will fight his opponent in los angeles on january 27th. he defeated dawson in the oracle arena in september. he's undefeated since winning gold at the 2004 summer olympics. oakland as players are donating some of their playoff money to charity.
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they have decided to give away one share worth more than $34,000. their donation will be split between several charities, including big brothers and big sisters and the united way of the bay area. >> how about that? >> 7:18. grab an umbrella, we're getting some wild weather. our storm coverage continues. the first of a series of storms bearing down on the bay area. meteorologist steve paulson, is tracking on the -- is tracking the storm on radar, he will pinpoint where and when it will hit your neighborhood. and a pot farm guarded by alligators? and traffic on the east shore freeway bracing for high winds. we'll tell you which bridges are under a high wind advisory.
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investigators say alligators were used to guard a
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marijuana growing house in washington state. police find that the homeowner shot and killed a man. the victim claims he was sitting outside of the home when the homeowner, shore, came out and shot him. >> three or four shots at my truck, three or four through the window, door. i'm lucky to be alive. >> shore is facing charges on assault a charges and could face etempted murder. cat williams could be hit with charges in sacramento. that's where he is accuse -- accused of leading police on a chase on a motorcycle. he almost hit several people. this happened sunday afternoon after williams was reportedly asked to leave the hyatt hotel
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after a disturbance call. just two weeks ago, he was arrested in oakland accused of hitting the man in the head with the battle. angus t. jones of two and a half men, heavily criticized. he's saying i'm sorry. he says the show "was filth." and he told viewers on a youtube video to please stop watching as he was talking about his new-found christian faith. he says he's sorry for any disrespect and lack of appreciation for the extraordinary opportunity he's been given. he's paid millions of dollars. >> i think he gets 300,000 per episode. >> yes. 7:23. we're gonna check in with tara and rainy conditions really causing problems. >> that's cause a lot -- that's causing a lot of solo spinouts.
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let's take a live look right now at 280 at the 880 interchange. slow going on 880 northbound. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's congested. you will need an extra 15 minutes to make it into san francisco. we do have a high wind advisory in effect for the bay bridge as well as the san mateo bridge. now, in -- this is la fayette. this is highway 24. we have a lot of gridlock here westbound as you are driving toward the caldecott tunnel. this is actually the worse i've seen it all morning. i want to mention that we have up to four-hour delays out of sfo and into sfo this morning. brian flores, our reporter, is headed out there right now, he will bring you a live report later in the show. let's check in with steve. our system is here, it's arrived. there's been steady rain from lake county. kent field in marin county,
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when it rains, kentfield is one of the leaders of the pack. only 1600ths. merced heights in san francisco, steady rain, wind as well. that's up in lake county. it's been lit -- it's been lit up there as well. santa rosa, windsor, in the russian river area. today is just a general rain. we'll keep an eye on things. tiburon, sausalito. a little bit more closer towards mt. tam. concord, alameda, there's heavier rain. and then also down along the coast. nancy in pescadero said it was pouring. woke her up. the heavier rain has been to the north of them. we'll have updates including this next system coming in this about 10 minutes. our team coverage of all of
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the storm activity continues next. the rain, the winds causing a tough commute for you this morning. we'll check some of the trouble spots. >> reporter: rain and strong winds blowing into the bay area right now. we'll tell you about the warning that's going out to boat -- out to boaters and anyone planning to go near a beach today.
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we are on stormwatch this morning. we want to go if right to meteorologist, steve paulson, tracking the storm right now. steve? >> yes, it's here. our system started up in the north bay first. now it is moving in. nothing too outrageous, total has been so far .25. it looks to be the first of three. things have been picking up. not everyone is in the for the rain. it's already starting to pick up a little bit. towards the north bay, especially santa rosa. winds for santa rosa and rohnert park, out to the run river, not too bad. tiburon, sausalito. nothing they can't handle. decent band. towards the south bay.
7:30 am
san mateo, santa cruz coastline. it looks like most of it is coming along the northern part of the coast and moving in along the peninsula. tara has an -- has an update on the bridge and -- we've been seeing some brake right. give yourself extra time -- brake lights. give yourself extra time and we continue our storm coverage with alex savidge. how is it going out four points? >> reporter: well, good morning. light rain falling out here. we're right next to the golden gate bridge. the message from the coast guard is be careful if you plan to go anywhere near the water
7:31 am
today. some small waves lapping up to the shoreline. but the warning from the coast guard comes because there's strong winds associated with the storm. boaters swimmers, surfers, anyone going near the shore line. the coast guard is asking people not to go near low lying beaches and avoid going into the water altogether. crab fishermen in san francisco were taking last-minute townships yesterday a -- trips yesterday. many are staying out of the water because strong winds are moving in. >> you can see the big boats coming in for this one. that will be a -- this will be a pretty big storm. you would have to be crazy to go out in this weather or warm. >> reporter: and they tell us
7:32 am
it may be at least a week or so before they can get back in the water and start getting more fresh crab. but again, the warning from the coast guard is be very careful if you go to the beaches and they warning boat owners to make sure their vessels are secure. you can see right now, conditions here, they are fairly calm but expect that to change as this storm moves in. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> stay with ktvu channel 2. we're monitoring conditions with updates on air, online and through our mobile app. new this morning, fire crews work to put out a one- alarm fire in pacifica. it happened around 5:30 on the 1300 block. authorities are still investigating how it started. in one was injured. 7:32. investigators in alameda say a fire at an east bay high school
7:33 am
classroom is suspicious. crews rushed to alameda high school around 3:30. they found claims in one -- flames in one of the classrooms. a window in the classroom was open. that's one the reasons this fire was suspicious. one student we talked to said this has happened before. coincidently last year, there have a couple of three reported fires. somebody was lighting the trash cans on fire full of paper towels. there are reports of fires inside the same school but authorities are still investigating -- still investigating that. several small fires are being investigated as is arson. on monday, a trash can was set on fire near the library. about an hour later a second fire was set in another trash can on west 20th street. it spread to a van and it did cause damage.
7:34 am
luckily, nobody was hurt in either fire. arson is suspected in an unrelated porch fire. it happened at a home in concord on saturday. a campus protest in which cal students occupied a building is over this morning. a small group of protesters and a little dog exited echelon hall last night. the students chained themselves to doors on the 6th floor. the protesters say they had to occupy the building to get the school administrators to get their fees for more money for the minority program. the protesters spend nearly -- spent nearly six hours inside the hall. they came after school officials agreed not to punish them. >> another issue upsetting
7:35 am
protesters is the big raise coming for the school's new chancellor. nicholas durks of columbia university will earn $486,000 a year when he becomes chancellor next june. that's $50,000 more than his predecessor. the extra money will be paid by private donors. still, governor jerry brown criticize the regents for raising the pay, citing the state's financial problems. a new report shows many students are having a hard time keeping up with their student loans. 11% of borrowers are more than 90 days behind on payments. for the first time ever, more people are late on student loan payments than on their credit cards. only on 2, ktvu's exclusive interview with san jose's outgoing police chief, chris moore. coming up at 7:45, why chief moore says the next police
7:36 am
chief will probably be someone from outside of the police department. san jose city workers cleaned up and cleared out a home also encamp -- homeless encampment. they threw out everything not deemed valuable. the city says it's part of an effort to deal with the homeless problem. that camp was home to about 80 people. barry bonds is set to appear on the hall of fame ballot today along with roger clemens and sammy sosa. they've all been associated with steroid use. the results will be announced january 9th. jim harbaugh will announce today whether colin kaepernick
7:37 am
will start for the third week in a row as quarterback. the announcement expected to take place before today's practice. he replaced alex smith who suffered a concussion in a game a few weeks ago. but smith is now healthy. this sunday, the 9ers play the rams. >> really interesting debate. a lot of people like alex smith and a lot of people like kaepernick. i don't know if you like today's weather, you will have details -- delay, right, tara? >> that's right. we have people waiting for four hours. we have an accident. this is a three-car crash and then also down in the redwood city, the san mateo area, we have construction. three lanes are closed on 101 northbound at the hillsdale avenue. it does appear to be causing
7:38 am
some slowdowns. finally, we have a look at the toll plaza. you can see the metering lights are on, definitely congested. we have a high wind advisory in effect for the bay bridge as well as the san mateo bridge. so definitely dry slowly as you are making your way across the spans. 208 at the 880 split, we've been seeing a lot of congesttion here on 280 -- congestion here on 280. here's steve. this is just a good, old- fashioned rainer. nothing we haven't seen before. it's here. .25 in santa rosa. i've seen gusts to 54 in mt. diablo. now, again, the focus over the heavy rain starting today and then tomorrow night could park itself the next system over the
7:39 am
north bay. the russian river we'll keep an eye on that. potential, remember, potential. it's there. total 6 to 14 inches possible. i still think the heaviest will be fort bragg. they are definitely getting hit. there's a pretty good band coming. some of this has been late to the party. also towards san jose, kind of like waiting for it. cloudy skies, the wind is picking up and there's been some pretty good busts here. three reports of pouring up into lake county. i trust all three of them. they've been tweeting me. spweather. nothing too outrageous, but again, any rain falling here, they can really stack up totals in the russian river and marin
7:40 am
county. kentfield has had 17/100ths. they pick up a lot of rain. i think sausalito has had about .10. berkeley out to parts of vallejo, benicia, concord, walnut creek, some of that rain picking up. south bay not much. it's getting there. but look at this coming onshore on the san mateo/santa cruz coastline. half moon bay, up to south san francisco and parts of the peninsula could get bursts of rain. it was -- there's almost a back edge to it. that's just a wind direction shift. but the parent low is moving north. but we'll get a strong south wind. i think by 5:00 this thing is blasted through. rain and wind. that high wind warning takes us until 11:00. we'll get a break tonight into early thursday and then thursday night/friday, i'm concerned about the north bay.
7:41 am
a system may stall out. we'll wind things down. >> thank you, steve. 20 minutes now before 8:00, crazy rich everything the powerball jackpot is reaching astronomical heights but why -- rich. the powerball jackpot is reaching astronomical heights. and why the president's inauguration will not take place on the usually-planned date. [ male announcer ] this december, remember --
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stocks are lower slightly due to the concern of the lack of progress in the fiscal cliff. sales of new homes dipped 3% in
7:44 am
october. but they are up over 20% compared to a year ago. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is down 14. the nasdaq is down 5. s&p down 2. there are reports some groupon board members want to replace the current cfo. all unhappy board members want to find a new experienced cfo to replace andrew may son. he's the biggest shareholder and. the board is scheduled to meet tomorrow. egyptians are protesting tahrir square, showing their anger at president mohammed morsi. you can see all of the people protesting a decision by egypt's newly elected president, giving himself
7:45 am
sweeping new powers. the protesters have classed with place in some of the demonstrations and just today, the judge announced they are suspending their work until president morsi rescinds those decrees. this is santiago, chile, a new law requiring fishing quotas which independent fishermen say discriminates against them in favor of big operations. the law would allow fishermen to use gps systems which they say is another cost they just can't afford. today, u.n. ambassador susan rice heads back to capitol hill to meet with two more republican senators. rice is trying to explain why she gave an incorrect explanation of the attack in libya. rice did not seem to rin over
7:46 am
three -- to win over three senators at their meeting with them yesterday. the senators remain troubled by rice' comments, they say. but democrats would need five republican senators to vote for her confirmation if she's nominated. president obama's inauguration for his second term will be on january 21, not the constitutionally-mandated january 20th. that's because the swearing-in date falls on a sunday. so following tra dig, he will take the oath on the 20th and the public -- tradition, he will take the oath on the 20th and the public inauguration. in an exclusive ktvu
7:47 am
interview, chris moore is stepping down, he told us and what it would take for him to stay. he said no one inside the police department wants to take his job. >> once it was determined that nobody from inside the organization for all of the same reasons felt compelled to sikh the job. it opens up the opportunity for other chiefs, sitting chiefs. >> chief moore called the staffing levels in the san jose police department dire because of resignations and retirements. the city is holding four community meetings getting input about who should be the next chief. the woman who led the effort to force ross mirkarimi out made a move last night that
7:48 am
has some questioning her commitment. that's at 7:52. chevron is facing a new lawsuit stemming from the august refinery fire in richmond. the lawsuit accuses taking too long to alert the community -- community about this. chevron set up compensation for those for medical and property damage. this could be a very happy holiday season for someone if they win the lottery. tonight's jackpot will be $500 billion. the biggest in history. it could get higher since 60% of the jackpots occur in the final day. there's not been a power ball -- powerball winner for the
7:49 am
last 1. california is one of eight states that don't play powerball. the nearest state to buy a ticket is oregon. a technology research firm says apple's ios now has 48% of the total market share. this is the first time since the launch of the iphone 4-s that apple has been number one. it could get another boost next week when the i--mac goes -- i- mac goes on sale. the wall street journal reports that rich williamson has been fired. that comes a month after the senior vp left the company. this is the latest fallout from
7:50 am
customer complaints about the apple mac's map in the iphone 5. this year a bay area ceo is in the running for "time" magazine's 2012 person of the year. marissa meyer is among the candidates, yahoo!'s ceo. mohammed morsi, the korean singing sensation, psy, gamous for his gangnam-style video. this march, the bay bridge will feature a dazzling show. 125,000 lights will show the changing patterns. a scotts valley company is making -- here is a look at it. the privately donated $8 million installation will stay up for two years.
7:51 am
i think it's raise make -- amazing. >> it's spectacular. what thieves stole from an east bay bar that has customers crying in their bar.
7:52 am
7:53 am
welcome back. in plumas county people out there worry that today's storm will cuss mudslide in areas already -- cause mudslide in areas --slide -- mudslide already in areas affected by the burns inle is the -- in the
7:54 am
summer. the owner of e.j.'s pub said customers started to notice strange charges on their cards a month ago. they figured out the payment system at the pub had been hacked and reported it to the owner. he says he acted quickly to keep his lawyer customers and save the business's reputation. >> we're victims, even more so, because we may lose business from this. the movement to recall san francisco sheriff ross mira
7:55 am
kimmy is now on -- mirkarimi is now on hold. the leader of the movement said she may try again some other time. the measure of withdrawing came about after the board reinstated him after his arrest and suspension for a domestic charge involving his wife. check in with tara. storm causing delays for people both in a car and trying to fly on a plane, right? >> that's right. we have delays out of sfo, four hours long in some spots. call ahead and see what time your flight is leaving. right now, let's take a look at our maps. we can show you there is a lot of congestion here in san mateo. we have construction going on. 101 northbound. this is at hillsdale boulevard. it's causing some delays on the san mateo bridge. it was really, really crowded maybe just ten minutes ago. this line that you see here that's orange was actually red.
7:56 am
101 southbound also causing some delays there. up next, we have a look at the bay bridge toll plaza where you can see it's rainy out there and the metering lights have been on since 6:00 it morning. it's slow going in the -- in the morning. it's slow going in the city. this traffic is stop and go as you make your way to the san jose airport. let's check in with steve. tara, thank you. our first of three systems is moving onshore. this one is not doing too much. it's produced some rain. about .10 san francisco. heavy rain in lake county. four reports are reporting pouring up there. mendocino county, lake county,. >> , maybe rahn river north
7:57 am
will take it bad. not as much other areas. a couple of other areas towards emeryville, oakland and also toward the san mateo coast right there on the coast. over sky line, starting to pick up. the santa cruz mountains a little bit. but they are waiting on that. we'll keep an eye on things. the system tomorrow night is the one i'm concerned about. 7:56. strong winds may actually push your car around during this morning commute. mark tamayo is out there in the weather for us right now. he's tracking the winds. still raining here in san anselmo. they are prepared for it to get worse. we'll show you what they are watching when we come back. >> reporter: we're live in gilroy where police are investigating a drive-by shooting at a home where there was a baby. we'll teaic -- we'll take you
7:58 am
inside the home.
7:59 am
welcome back. i'm tori campbell.
8:00 am
i'm dave clark. it's wednesday, november 28th. and we are on stormwatch for you this morning. the first of several storms is causing maker -- major delays at sfo and a lot of headaches for computers -- commuters. meteorologist target toe my yay is monitoring -- mark tamayo is at the bridge and steve paulson is tracking the storm in our system. we have alex savidge in san francisco. let's -- first let's go to claudine wong in marin county. what's it like there. >> reporter: it's been raining all morning long. i want to show you the creek because you can see how low it is. we talked about early in the season, the low water -- levels making feel -- the low water levels, they are watching this carefully. that creek there just over 2 feet, 13 feet is where it has to get before it starts to hit
8:01 am
businesses. let me bring you up here i want to show you one of the days -- one of the ways they watch it. this is just before 2 1/2 feet. just within the past half-hour it's begun to rise. they watch the fairfax creek as well. look at that huge spike. this is still only about half a foot. so not a lot. but they do have that realtime up-to--date every 15 minutes. that allows residents to be hooked in. so they know what's going on. so they don't have to worry about what the creek is. they can just log an and make sure it isn't rising too fast. take a look at the businesses there. you will see on either side of doorways, those long pieces of metal. that's one of the ways they also protect themselves. these are flood barriers that they put in because it is
8:02 am
flooded down here. you put some sandbags in there and that gives you an extra level of protection. again, we do have sandbags ready for people. there is a lot of areas in an around here. i talked to an owner who is not worried about a business. one of the things they do, again, is be prepared. they watch these storms and they will watch them as they roll in. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, thank you, claudine. the wind has picked up throughout the morning. we sent mark tamayo out into the elements. he's live at the bridge to tell us exactly how windy it is. you have that fancy meter i heard. >> reporter: yeah, the wind is actually on my back. we have the other side -- [inaudible audio]
8:03 am
>> reporter: winds have been approaching 30, 40 miles an hour. recently, in fact, we just drove across the bridge about 5 to 10 minutes ago. and we noticed those are the stronger winds. you can see the choppy seas as well. of course, the winds you want to be extra careful. wind speeds haven't picked up out of the south. it's one of those deals when you cross the bridge you will notice the wind hitting the side of the car. not only this bridge but also out toward the san mateo bridge, the bay bridge and the dumbarton bridge. and we talked to the chp and they have some tips if you want to actually drive across the windy span. instead of driving in the fast lane, if they drive on the right-hand lane, it leaves a little bit more warm in case the vehicles gets blown one side. they have room to collide on the side of the bridge.
8:04 am
>> once again -- once again, the winds we've been noticing, the winds have been around 15, 20 miles an hour of the over the past two to lee hours, definitely more -- past two to three hours, definitely more rain. the winds probably stronger than that, i can guarantee you once you crots -- once you cross the richmond san rafael bridge. that's why they have the wind advisory that steve has been talking about. for more on the stormy weather we'll check in with him. >> the model that we're looking at, it has rain really generous for friday. nice job, mark. the rain has been picking up really strong up towards mendocino county and now our front is beginning to bear
8:05 am
along shore. you can see up towards clearlake. four reports of rain in lake county. it's lit up well there. a little band there stretching from fremont back to the dumbo bridge. you can see los ail foes, mountain view and -- los altos, mountain view. i still think saturday is the day for the santa cruz mountains. stay with us. we're monitoring the conditions minute by minute. of course, through our mobile apps. 8:05. we have new information now
8:06 am
about the drive-by shooting in gilroy we have been telling but. there -- telling you about. there is was a baby inside. janine de la vega has more. >> reporter: the mother was very emotional and she said nobody in the house was able to sleep last night. they heard five gunshots and then a couple of minutes passed and they heard two more. one of the bullets went through her home. that was a bedroom and she said it narrowly missed the couple sleeping inside. here's exclusive video inside the house where you can see the bullet traled through two walls. police say this happened just after midnight on glenview drive near 10th street. they say a car drove by and eight people live inside the
8:07 am
house including two children and a 4-month-old baby boy. no one was hit but the mother of the baby is very shaken up. >> i'm scared for my family, for my -- my boyfriend's mom, his mom owns the house. it just makes me think about all of the other shootings with i don't know why they don't think. why don't they think? it's just sad. >> reporter: police tell us that witnesses heard gang- related slurs peaking -- being yelled. a 1990s red honda civic hatchback. police are on the lookout. they believe that this was gang motivated. but the mother of that baby that we spoke to says that no ones in the -- no ones in the house -- no one in the house has gang ties. reporting live from gilroy, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:07. a lot of rainy and windy
8:08 am
conditions out there. we saw that in janine's live shot. let's check in with tara right now. >> mark says the winds have been holding steady at the bridge around 15 to 30 miles an hour. look at all of the brake lights here on the right-hand side of your screen. this is westbound due to some construction going on on 101 in foster city. at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see that traffic is extremely slow going. it will take you an extra 15 minutes. let's take a look at our maps. you can see that we had an accident here, highway 17 northbound. this is a three-car crash. it has been cleared. but you can see there's backup there. there's also some backup on 85 and 280 and 1 a 1 -- 101
8:09 am
northbound. >> our first system coming in. wind advisory out until 11:00. we have rain all the way down to monterey. some of the heaviest rain has been up to lake county. this system is coming in thursday night and friday. friday looks wet. i mean really wet. this system could stall out late thursday into friday. between now and sunday, santa cruz mountains, russian river and points north. lake county, mendocino county, possibility, 6 to 14 inches. very windy at times. i've seen gusts. nothing too bad yet. pretty good rain down in monterey. all the way up to lake county, all reports are coming up, you can see lakeport things are lit
8:10 am
up. santa rosa into cal low so ga and saint -- and calistoga. cazadero has had an inch. those are the areas, occidental, that we'll keep an on eye -- an eye on. and then towards the south bay. it's starting to move in the santa cruz mountains, los ale toes, back to the santa cruz mountains. you can see it right there. highway 9 in los gatos and heading to santa cruz and capitola. things have been picking up. it is clear -- it 1 here. that's the good news. it's going to go through 9:00, 10:00. and then we'll turn showery and blustery. morning rain goes until 11:00.
8:11 am
we'll get a break. thursday evening. north bay, have to really keep an eye on that. one more system on saturday. still some rain but things are wiping -- are winding down. president obama still avoiding the plan to avoid the fiscal cliff. [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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8:14 am
the cold front arriving. wind, not too bad. but about 30, 40 miles an hour. the rain picking up. no doubt about it. all the way up from mendocino. we'll have morning rain and then turning showery this afternoon. president obama is under fire for not doing enough personal negotiating with congress over ways to avoid the fiscal cliff. instead, as alison burns reports, he's once again, taking his pitch to the public. >> reporter: that's right, tori. instead of negotiating directly with republicans, president obama's schedule includes more public outreach. he will be speaking in 15 minutes from the white house. the headline on the official website asks for public feedback and the obama website is now dominated by details about the president's plan to avoid the fiscal cliff. he wants to extend middle class
8:15 am
tax cuts. but raise money on the wealthy. he meets with families and middle classers today and house speaker john boehner said, he and both president obama want a deal. >> this is not good for our country. it's as simple as that. you know me. i'm an optimist. >> reporter: they are promoting a reference to the middle-class tax increase if the bush era tax cuts are not extended. new this morning, we're learning that mitt romney is going to the white house tomorrow. president obama is going to have a private lunch with his former rival to make good on a promise the president made in
8:16 am
his victory speech. he said the two could talk about how to work together to move this country forward. and while in washington, romney will also meet with his former running mate, paul ryan. the florida societyite at the heart that scandal -- socialite at the heart of that david petraeus scandal is speaking out. jill kellley hired an attorney. her lawyer wrote to the u.s. attorney aoffice in tampa -- u.s. attorney's office in tampa. back here at home, overnight, a san francisco house fire was put out in the ingleside district. it started on the top floor of this home on capital avenue and lobo street around 10:30 last night. there were several people inside at the time, including
8:17 am
children. the young girl had to be treated for smoke inhalation but no one else was hurt. >> also san francisco police are searching for a hit-and-run driver who slammed into two buses and a car before his car flipped over. now, this happened on russian avenue and prague street about 11:15. the driver reportedly ran a stop sign and smashed into a school bus, a muni bus and a car. the suspect's car even landed on its roof but he somehow climbed out and ran away before the police got there. none of the victims were hurt. 8:16. one couple captures videos of two suspects threatening them with a gun in oakland. watch as the two demand the couple's phone at gunpoint. the men follow the couple as they drove away, once at a stop, one of the suspects got into the couple's car.
8:18 am
>> the husband and the suspect got into a struggle. the husband was able to push him out of the car and told the wife to hit the gas. >> that's when the suspect started shooting. police arrested these men hours later. an arraignment is set for a teenaged boy accused in a violent crime rampage in san jose. police say the 15-year-old and a 26-year-old jonathan wi lbanks were involved in a carjacking. the 15-year-old will be tried as an adult but is not eligible for the death penalty. 19-year-old louise ernest owas found dead november 7th in
8:19 am
an abandoned car shop on mission boulevard. they are offering the reward for information leading to the arrest. former oakland raiders linebacker napoleon harris is running for congress hoping to replace jesse jackson junior who resigned due to health reasons. he played seven seasons in the nfl after the raiders picked him in the first round in the 2001 draft. we can't see it because of the storm but the final lunar eclipse is on its way. even if the skies were clear you probably would not be able to see the shading since only the edge of the earth's shadow has to cross. the peak of the eclipse was at 6:00 this morning. three people have been arrested in connection with the deadly
8:20 am
factory fire in bangladesh. at least 112 died when the factory caught fire on saturday. three managers were arrested on saturday of trapping employees inside that burning plant and then insisting the fire alarms were just a drill. the arrests come as thousands of protesters are still demanding justice for those workers. in the meantime, an investigation has found that the workers kill -- workers killed in that factory fire were making clothing for walmart, disney's pixar and sears. the clothing and records connected to the retailers were found inside that burned factory. now, walmart admits to using the factory in the past but says it was not aware the fact i was still making walmart clog clothing -- walmart clothing. is growing. and look at our weather. it's a cloudy sky out there,
8:21 am
the first in series of storms bearing down on the bay area. steve paulson, tracking the storm on radar, he will tell you when and where it's coming to your neighborhood.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
amazon's new distribution center will be only 0 miles from another center being built in patterson, according to the la times. this would create a thousand new jobs. this would be amazon's third distribution center in california. tara, don't tell me we have a mess? >> we do. since 8:00 this morning. it appears that somebody may have crashed into this power pole and taken off. we'll keep you posted. let's take a look at the maps. we have an injury accident that we wasn't to point out to you here, redwood road at wilson
8:25 am
avenue, a looks like another accident at 163rd avenue. that's causing big delays there. if we lead over to the san mateo bridge, you can see we've had this nightmare westbound into foster city. there's some construction going on. we believe that may be the cause for all of this delay. okay. let's take a look at 280, san jose. you can see that southbound traffic there is an absolute nightmare on the left-hand side of your screen. the rain, just coming in really over the past half-hour. so give yourself some extra time. there you go. you can kind of make owl the cars there on the bottom -- make out the cars there on the bottom of your screen heading to 680. let's check in with steve. it's windy out there? >> it is, 53 to 33 miles an
8:26 am
hour. at the surface, not too bad but 33 at oakland airport. 36 at sfo. our system is coming through right now. and then some very heavy rain up into lake county. i know russian river has picked up about one inch in cazadero. there is a little low right back here. the rain has not been too bad. but up intolake county, it's really been coming down. if it's in the green, that's not too bad. heavier amounts a little bit out towards concord, clayton. out to antioch. really just a general rain. there's a little heavier rain offshore and over this san jose way and then over the dumbarton
8:27 am
bridge. so things are picking up. but i will tell you, dave, i will have more on the system coming in thursday night and friday. we'll talk about that coming up in about ten minutes. that one could be impressive for the russian river area. >> all right, steve. it's coming. 8:26. an overnight fire happened inside a classroom at an east bay high school. the reason it's considered suspicious. why one student says this has happened before. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
8:28 am
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8:30 am
we're -- we're on stormwatch. >> this is not a bad system. the system tomorrow night, i think thursday, late into friday. that could be much more impressive because it may stall out. this isn't bad. there's been some heefe rain and pretty good bands coming onshore, to monterey, salinas, things not too bad. we have a little bit of a system moving through right now and continues to see -- continues to see the russian
8:31 am
river. there's a little bit more rain offshore. now let's get a quick update on that traffic with tara. >> we have do have a high wind effect in effect -- high wind advisory in effect. this is 280 at the 880. i can see traffic is slow going. 880 is the roadway you see crisscrossing the screen there. want to mention that we have delays out the -- out at sfo. let's go to alex savidge in san francisco with the wanting for boaters and beachgoers. alex? >> reporter: well, good morning. this storm bringing with it. some very strong winds. that's creating dangerous
8:32 am
conditions for voters, surfers, swimmers, anyone else going near the water. give you a live look we're at the base of the golden gate bridge. with 50-mile-an-hour gusts possible. things will only be getting worse. the coast guard is asking people not to go near any of the low-lying beaches and avoid going into the water altogether. the coast guard is issuing a warn and asking people to be careful if they go near the water. >> we want to go out fishing early. >> reporter: so you are getting the fishing done? >> yes. >> reporter: the coast guard is warning boat owners that take precautions with these storms and make sure their vessels are
8:33 am
properly concerned. the winds are expected to pick up significantly. that will create dangerous conditions out on the water. they want voters -- boaters to be careful and anyone going to the bay area beaches to be careful today. as this rain storms moves in. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. right now, at sfo, the high winds and expected lanes -- and expected flight delays tom up -- some up to four hours. brian flores is there. tell us what do you know about these big delays? >> reporter: hi, dave. good morning. well, the weather has certainly played a role for flight delays at -- flight delays here at sfo. today it will be the rain and wind. but to talk more about the delays here at sfo, let's bring in the airport spokesperson here. good morning doug. >> good morning. >> reporter: talk about the delays. we understand it could be up to three, four hours. can you clarify that? >> we're really not seeing that
8:34 am
length yet but we're in this winter storm configuration. we're taking off and landing in a different direction than we normally do. as the way progresses, we might see longer delays. >> reporter: and i understand some airlines have been affected. >> sure what airlines try to do, if they have lighter volumes on some flights and the opportunity to cancel flights and combine them into a single flight, that will save them on delays. thus far we've seen about 50 cancellations so far. that's about 25 arrivals and 25 departures. it's airlines looking to combine their schedule where they can to reduce the impact -- >> reporter: the short haul flights --
8:35 am
>> that's right. >> reporter: and an -- and arriving frights are -- flights are affected as well? >> that's correct. >> reporter: and united express, they have talked about -- >> when i talk about the 50 cancellations, those are the majority of them on that united express. >> reporter: oakland, there's no delays and mineta and san jose, they are mentioning 15- -- 15-minute delays. arson investigators are trying to gather evidence right now following a suspicious fire at an east bay high school. fire crews were called to alameda high school around 3:30 this morning. they found flames in one of the
8:36 am
classrooms but quickly put it out. a window in the classroom was open. one of the reasons, the fire is kerred -- is considered suspicious. one student we talked to told us this has happened before. >> coincidently last year, there are a couple, if not three reported fires in the bathrooms. i guess somebody was lighting the trash cans on fire. 39-year-old henry smith is accused of shooting officer capoot after a bank robbery and police chase. yesterday, during the preliminary hearing a bank teller testified that smith stole $3,000 from the bank. a vallejo police officer also took the stand and said he heard three shots during the
8:37 am
foot chase before finding capoot's body. the hearing continues today. 8:36. the weather is really affecting us. in fact, tara, you are saying -- it's getting ugly out there. >> it is. a half-hour we saw a ton of -- a ton of accidents all over the bay area. we have roadway flooding in marin county, northbound 101 on sir francis drake. be careful of that. let's head outside. we can take a live look at the san mateo bridge. you can see the backup there, westbound as you make your way towards foster city. it's very slow going. there is a high wind advisory in effect. at the bay bridge toll plaza. there's backup here. the fast track lanes, you will be sitting in there for another 15 minutes high wind advisory across the span, also. 680 at the sunol grade, southbound traffic towards fremont, you can see the tail lights at the top portion of
8:38 am
your screen. so definitely -- definitely show going there as well. cazadero and the russian river has picked up rain. the first of what looks to be three systems today, thursday night. friday looks like a wet day. plan accordingly and then saturday into parts of the weekend. what we'll have -- the wind has been -- 33 miles an hour, oakland airport. 54 mt. diablo. half moon bay airport, 40. here's the deal. a little system within the system. right here is what's coming through. there is a back edge to this. that's part of this system but the stronger one is right out here. right there. that's the one that's going to come in and i think just kind of park it, thursday night, friday on the north bay.
8:39 am
that's the one we'll keep an i on. after about noon for the next 24 hours, we'll get a window or break. you can see the rain in monterey, salinas valley, uland there is a pretty good band offshore. holdsburg, santa rosa, i know out to the russian river there's been a half inch to a few. in the santa cruz mountains, i think your focus is more friday
8:40 am
into saturday. so rain and wind here in the morning and then it will be done here in a couple of hours. then we'll see partly sunny, partly cloudy, breezy conditions. next system in the old pipeline will be here thursday evening in the north bay. friday looks like a rain day for everybody. that will be much better than this one. this one can't hold a candle to the one that's coming in for friday. i think things will wind down. 8:39. some breaking news in vallejo where several suspicious fires are being investigated.
8:41 am
8:42 am
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warren buff net says he's -- buffett says he's confident that congress will pass to avoid the fiscal cliff. the dow pushed back in the positive territory. it's up 10 points. the nasdaq is down 2 and the s&p is flat.
8:44 am
christmasary fares are gonna -- christmas airfares are gonna cost more, up to about 8%. if you leave the saturday before christmas and come back the following saturday, expect to pay 20% more than last year. but families are willing to pay more to see their family, it's reported. today, president obama meets with more than a dozen corporate ceos at the white house. he wants their input on how to grow the economy and also deal with that looming fiscal cliff. and rain, windy weather, it's all here now in the bay area this morning. the first of several storms that will bring rain through sunday. we have live team coverage for you this morning. ktvu's tara moriarty is monitoring trouble spots on the
8:45 am
roads for you. let's first go to claudine wong. what is it like in the north bay? >> reporter: soggy. it's been raining steady since about 5:30 in the morning. residents are doing fine, keeping an eye on the creek. this is the problem when it really gets going. that level rises and it floods. at least that's what it has done. take a look on the roofline, you can see enough watter to get the drains working and when you see those leaves fall in the drains, steve mentioned it's not this storm that is the concern but maybe friday. it all adds up. they do have a high tech way to keep track of everything. i want to show you this witness. we showed you this in the last hour. it really gives a good idea of
8:46 am
where things are going. you can see how much rain we are getting and how it is affecting creek levels. this is the fairfax creek depth gauge. again, just about a half foot there as well. we definitely are seeing waters rising. and when you talk about a series of storms. that's what you have to keep this mind. taking a look downtown. you can see traffic moving along here. not really affecting the daily traffic so far. if you can see -- you can see the silver kind of metal things on either side of the doorway, you will see that at businesses all through the downtown here. that may be one of the reasons why the sand bags are not up
8:47 am
yet. if we come up to this business, we can show you -- these are the flood gates. they allow to you put a board in there, slide that in there, pack some sandbags and that give yous you -- that gives you extra protection. live here in san anselmo, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> make sure you stay right with ktvu channel 2 for continuing storm coverage. you can always find up-to-the- minute weather conditions online at and through our mobile apps. 8:46. breaking news in vallejo. two more suspicious fires are being investigated in that city. the latest fires happened just hours ago. one happened on am ma door and ten -- amador and tennessee streets. no one was hurt. there have been at least four other species tires in the same week -- suspicious fires in the
8:48 am
same area. investigators say there are some similarities with those cases. and several other small fires in contra costa county are being investigated. on monday a trash can was set on fire. two people reportedly ran from the scene. about an hour later, a second fire was set in another trash can on west 20th street. no one was hurt in either fire. arson is suspected in an unrelated porch fire at a con-- at a concord home on saturday. new this morning, firefighters in pacifica put out a one-alarm fire. more problems surfacing for san jose's church and school. the san jose mercury news says a new lawsuit has been filed
8:49 am
against the parish, adding a former priest. he's already the target of another lawsuit filed last year, accusing him of abusing a student. developing news out of new york. the nanny accused of fatally stabbing two children of a couple when used to live in san francisco has pleaded not guilty. she made her plea from a hospital bed. she's being treated for stabbing herself. she allegedly killed-year-old lucia krem and 2-year-old leo krem in the family's upscale apartment in manhattan. the krems moved from san francisco after kevin krem left his job at yahoo to work for cnbc.
8:50 am
on friday, the united states supreme court will decide will whether to hear the case on prop 8. 8:49. the weather is gonna be part of your day today. we're on stormwatch. the wind and rain really starting to hit the bay area. we're gonna check in with meteorologist mark tamayo. he's tracking the winds.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:52. more trouble for controversial comedian cat williams. this time in sacramento where he's accused of leading police on a chase. police say williams drove a three-wheeled motorcycle on a sidewalk, almost hitting several people before police called off the chase. it happened sunday afternoon after williams was reportedly asked to leave a hyatt hotel for a disturbance call. just two weeks ago he was arrested in oakland accused of hitting the man in the -- a man in the head with a bottle and he's being accused of cutting his oakland show short. there's -- there's new
8:54 am
record that a san mateo county teacher died of natural causes. christopher ryan was reported missing in october, on the 10th. the following day deputies found his body near crystal springs reservoir. the coroner says ryan had a heart condition. he died of natural causes. he was 54 and was an english and social science teacher in union city. now we know the name of the fourth person who died after eating a poisonous mushroom soup at a placer county nursing home. 92-year-old dorothy heart was among several residents who made the soup. it was made from mushrooms. besides misheart, they other -- ms. heart, three others were killed. the cook who made the soup -- did not know the mushrooms were poisonous. stormwatch continues.
8:55 am
mark tamayo is live at the richmond/san rafael bridge. >> reporter: hi, there. the wind is whipping up my back right now. wind speeds have been picking up over the last few minutes. not only the wind but the radar. this is our radar app. wind speeds doing a number on the ocean. the waves are really crabbing up against the rocks. wind advisory in place until 11:00 this morning. our biggest concern is the timing and the wind, especially crossing the richmond/san rafael bridge span. we did that, and just crossing that span, the wind is coming in from the south. so if you are driving across, it's hitting the side of your car. so it's one of those deals where you see a gust and that could change your lane position. moderate to heavy rain here and also the winds have been picking up. as you can see, a recent
8:56 am
movement with the tree branches and the chop on the water. not only the rainfall and the wind. we've been watching the traffic as well. tara moriarty is standing by. she has an update on the bay area roadways. >> good morning mark. we have two lanes with water in them on sir francis craig. sir francis drake. we have an injury accident 280 southbound at the ramp to eastbound highway 92. there definitely is some heavy, heavy conjeff shunt if you are traveling -- congestion if you are tra -- in you are traveling on the bridge as well as 163rd avenue and that, of course, is also so causing some backup along 580. let's take a look at 280 in san jose, you can see the rain there. on the left side of your screen, that's southbound traffic. you can see it's very backed
8:57 am
up. it's been this way over an hour. the bay bridge under a heavy wind advisory as well as the san mateo bridge and the richmond bridge. there is a wait getting over the span. let's check in with steve. a couple of updates here. that's's been really heavy rain in lake county. cazadero, forest ville liking up very heavy rain. that will be the focus, not so much today but what comes in on thursday and friday. there is a back edge to this. i think by 11:00, we're heading for home. this is seth the stage -- -- is setting the stage. but this will set the stage for the next storm coming in, up towards russian river and mendocino county. that could be pretty heavy.
8:58 am
thursday 40 and then friday looks like a rain day for everybody. >> this is a warmup. >> okay. >> saturday as well. >> there's a discrepancy if it will go down to the santa cruz mountains or stay north. i hope it going down to the santa cruz mountains because the north bay will be sick of the rain by then. >> okay. thank you. we'll see you the next -- the next time snooze breaks. be sure to join us more. we're still following the impact on traffic and at the air. we're always here for you at and mobile ktvu. thank you for joining us.
8:59 am

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